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Koh Lipe, Kuala Lumpur

We spent a week of relaxing, playing volleyball, reading and hanging out on the island of Koh Lipe and are now back in a big city - Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. Koh Lipe was soooo fun. We really didn't want to leave but our visa was due to run out. Lipe is the perfect balance of a chill backpacker island scene, but with plenty to do. But some people there were too chill. We rented a kayak from a SCUBA instructor and after paddling for an hour we discovered that the boat had a hole in it! And we had no life jackets! We drained like 2 gallons of water out of the bottom of the boat. When we returned he was like "oops". Now we are in heavily muslim and Hindu influenced Malaysia. Pia is getting alot of attention for wearing her provokative shorts and tanktops. Today we went to Batu Caves which is a Hindu shrine inside of a huge limestone cave. You have to climb 250 steps to get to the top. Apparently we missed the main attraction by one day where thousands of Hindu pilgrims descend on the shrine and inflict bodily harm on themselves as a sign of worship...missed that. Haven't found much in the way of good food here yet. We almost broke down and went to Papa John's last night-yeah that bad. In 2 days we are off to Bali for surf and more sun...DSC_0162.jpgDSC_0155.jpgDSC_0105.jpgDSC_0149.jpgDSC_0145.jpgDSC_1976.jpgDSC_1967.jpgDSC_1985.jpg

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Kho Panang, Kao Sok, and Railay

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So it's been some time since we've updated, mostly because we've been on islands where the internet charges are super high-like $.10 per min. After Ko Tao we excited to go to Kho Pangang after hearing so much about the full moon parties they have. Of course it turns out that Kho Pangang is pretty touristy with lots of cafe's with big screen TV's broadcasting "Friends" episodes. So we went to a beach about 20 min away called Hat Thian, which was super chill with a very hippy/yoga/veggie food vibe. It was super small and everyone seemed to know each other. Our five day stay ended with an all night DJ party up on a bar on a cliff. After Hat Thian we headed to a National Park called Kao Sok. We slept in tree house in the middle of the jungle with monkeys that tried to break into our hut in the middle of the night-no shit! We also went on a sweet water fall hike into the jungle and Erik got attacked by a blood sucking leech, but he lived. After Kao Sok we went west to the Adaman Coast to an island called Railay which is famous for its rock climbing. It has these huge limestone cliffs shooting up out of the water everwhere. We went rock climbing with a local guide who took us to some sweet routes that went up to about 90 feet or 30 meters. At the top we were basically looking down over the water and the whole island-so fun! It was a bit pricey out there so we are know back on the mainland in Krabi Town enjoying cheap everything once again. We are gonna go shopping and get massages tonight. Tomorrow we are headed to the southern most part of Thailnad for what might be our last leg in Thailand. We will go to an island called Ko Lipe that is supossed to be super chill and cheaper. We hope we can settle for a nice long week before crossing the border to Malaysia.DSC_1543.jpgDSC_1461.jpgDSC_1410.jpgDSC_1291.jpg

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The Island of Kho Tao

Well we finally left the main land and have settled on a sweet island called Kho Tao that's know for its super clear water and diving. The boat ride over here was nearly treacherous. None of us puked but we were rockin' at 45 degree angles. We've been doing alot of snorkling, Erik took a kayak out to a smaller island nearby. Kho Tao is pretty chill but there are alot of youngsters on tropical vacation. We have a sweet bungalow right on the beach where we have spent most of our time. Leaving tomorrow for Kho Phangan - "the full moon party island" which is a boat ride away. Hoping this will have a more alternative backpacker vibe.


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Left Bangkok-Got lost

We seem to be making the connections to GET to where we want to go, but getting lost on the way back. We missed our train leaving Ayuthya and then on our train heading south out of Bangkok we got off at the wrong station and spent the whole day trying to catch a bus to a National Park. We ended up in Hua Hin which is overrun with rich Brits and Euros. Now we have decided to head straight for the beaches-Ko Tao here we come. Will post pics later.


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Crazy Bangkok

Bangkok is nuts! Super speedy squalor, but the locals are nice the food is great and its a good place to get warmed up for the trip. We have visited several buddhist temple sites which range from shiney and glittery gold to ancient crumbling ruins. We took a day trip to north to Auyutyah where we were the only whitey's. Pia and Laura were getting jaw dropping looks from everyone. Erik was stared at too, but that's cuz he looks funny wherever he goes. Today we head south away from the traffic and exhaust to the warm southern beaches and national parks Hope you can see our photos.


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